1993 Summer CES/ HP Special User's Meeting Video Available

On Friday, June 4th, 1993, the Chicago Area CHIP HP handheld user's group held their annual special users' meeting in conjunction with the 1993 Summer Consumer Electronics Show. Over thirty people were in attendance. Hewlett-Packard's Dennis York (head of calculator R&D) was the special guest speaker and made lengthy and detailed presentations on both the new HP48GX and the HP100LX. In addition, Richard Nelson presented a slide tour of a disassembled HP48GX, Jake Schwartz spoke on the HP16C Emulator library for the HP48SX and Brian Walsh discussed the recently held HP48 programming contest (which was administered via the Internet by Robin Getz). This marathon meeting lasted over six hours. A copy of the meeting's festivities along with approximately two hours of material from the Summer CES is available on a 3 DVDs for $15.00 including shipping or a single DVD disk for $10.00 including shipping. Please send a check or Paypal ("jakes@pahhc.org") to:

Jake Schwartz

135 Saxby Terrace

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-4606

phone: 856-751-1310 weekday evenings and weekends

856-787-3582 work


Below is a summary of the contents of the CHIP meeting/CES video:

CHIP Group Meeting:

  1. Introductions / Discussion of the CHIP programming contest (held during the meeting)
  2. Slide tour of the HP48G/GX by Richard Nelson (with frequent commentary by Dennis York)
  3. Dennis York presents and demonstrates the HP48GX
  4. CHIP programming contest review/discussion on HP48 programming in general
  5. Dennis York speaks on the HP100LX (with transparencies)
  6. Q & A with Dennis York
  7. Jake Schwartz speaks on the HP16C Emulator Library for the HP48SX
  8. Discussion on EduCalc issues by Richard Nelson
  9. Brian Walsh discusses the Internet HP48 programming contest (administered by Robin Getz)
  10. Handout discussions and additional Q & A until the meeting ends (after 3 AM)


Summer CES shots:

  1. McCormick Place / overall floor shots
  2. Panasonic/3DO "REAL" Interactive Multiplayer
  3. Motorola "Wireless World" presentation
  4. Philips CD-I / Todd Rundgren presents his "No World Order" interactive audio CD-I disk
  5. 3DO Multiplayer screens
  6. AT&T videophone glimpse
  7. Dauphin DTR-1 486 subnotebook computer demo
  8. Tandy/Casio "Zoomer" PDA press conference - complete with demo
  9. Shots from McCormick North building
  10. Multimedia/Animation glimpse
  11. A glimpse at the video game area:
  1. Davis Instruments' PC/Weather gear
  2. Rolodex organizers
  3. NewTek Video Toaster model 4000 demo
  4. Panasonic "Wrist Communicator" 900-MHz cordless phone/wristwatch
  5. Kodak Photo CD portable player unit / 3D ad photos / Apple Macintosh-based Photo CD imaging workstations and output samples
  6. Virtual Vision personal projection TV / glasses
  7. Samsung portable mini disc, CD-I, DCC and widescreen TV
  8. Thomson/RCA widescreen TV, DSS - Digital Sound System presentation, photos with Nipper and Chipper and HDTV presentation (until tape ends)

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