The HP16C Emulator Library For the HP48

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Only valid digits allowed in current base, plus "." and EEX in DEC and HEX for real number input.

A 26K Library for the HP48 SX/GX

+ A through F keys moved down to row 4 keys so they are closer to the numeric pad.
Digits 0 through F plus "." and EEX allowed at all times.
+ Handles unsigned, ones compliment and twos compliment integers.
Digits 0 through 9 plus "." and EEX allowed.
+ Entry of both integers and reals permitted.
Row-4 keys are A to F when the current base is HEX. + EDIT, VISIT and HP48 "LAST" functions present in the library.
Row-4 keys revert back to their original HP48 primary and most shifted scientific functions for real numbers. + LCD shows all modes at a glance at all times.
+ Uses no flags or key assignments. + All status preserved upon exit and entry.
+ Leading-zeros integer display mode available. + No emulator function more than 2 keystrokes away.
+ Use of the "#" delimiter no longer needed to enter integers. + Negative decimal integers displayed properly in signed
compliment modes.
+ Current base, word size, compliment mode and status of the carry and out-of-range conditions shown in the LCD top row. + Rapid emulator library entry and exit.
+ Many functions positioned on the same keys as on the original HP16C keyboard. + Unique multi-line display of large integers available.
+ "Cross-base entry" of numbers permitted in any base.

+ HP48 MODES, PRG OBJ and PRG STK menus remain accessible at all times.

+ HP48 B->R and R->B as well as HP16C FLOAT and FIXED functions provided.
+ HP16C "SHOW" functions (briefly displaying values in another base) maintained.

+ Converts to/from IEEE 32-bit floating-point format.

+ All library functions available for user programs.

Some Info:

The HP16C Emulator Library has been available now for the HP48SX since early 1993 and appeared in the EduCalc catalogs #59 through #64.(EduCalc went out of business shortly after publishing their catalog #74.)

Following the introduction of the HP48GX, a new version of the library was devised which is compatible with both the SX and GX units. This version works in all ports of the GX. The library encompasses all the functionality in the HP48's native MTH BASE menu plus all the functionality of the HP16C calculator (discontinued around 1987) and more, running in the HP48 RPL environment. The math functions supported are:

Arithmetic: +, -, *, /, RMD (remainder), NEG, ABS

Double-word: DBL*, DBL/, DBLR (double remainder)

Bit Shift/Rotate: SL, SLn, SR, SRn, RL, RLn, RR, RRn, LJ (left justify), ASR, RLC (rotate left thru carry), RLCn, RRC, RRCn

Masking: MSKL (mask left), MSKR

Bit Set/Clr/Test: SB, CB, B?, #B (no. of bits set)

Logical: AND, OR, XOR, NOT

Conversion: ->IEEE, IEEE-> (IEEE standard 32-bit format), FLOAT, FIXED, R->B, B->R

Relational Tests: ==, <> (not equal), <, <=, >=, >

Carry, Range: SETC, CLRC, TC (toggle carry), CRRY?, SETR, CLRR, TR, RNG?, CCR (clear carry & range) Complement: UNSGN (unsigned mode), ONES (ones complement), TWOS (twos complement), CMP? (what is current mode)

Word Size: STWS, RCWS

Math: Square Root, Square, Y^X

Display: #0000... (Leading zero's mode), MLSHOW (Display full number in multi-line format), SHOW BIN, SHOW OCT, SHOW DEC, SHOW HEX (displays in specified base briefly)

An overview of the library:

The entire HP48 keyboard is redefined and labeled using the supplied four-color mylar keyboard overlay. No function is more than two keystrokes away.

LCD shows all modes (current base, word size, complement mode, plus status of carry and range flags) at all times in the status area.

Entry of binary numbers does NOT require the use of the #-sign delimiter; it is added automatically.

Both signed (ones and twos complement) and unsigned numbers are supported with all math functions.

Keys A through F have been moved down to keyboard row 4 so they are closer to the numeric keypad.

Illegal numbers are disabled when applicable (i.e., in BINARY base, keys 2 through F are disabled)

Entry of both integers and reals are permitted without delimiters. Math on reals still available while library is active.

Negative decimal integers are displayed such as "#-5d" using a custom display routine.

All emulator library status is preserved when exited and reentered.

All emulator functions may be used in user program objects.

I finally ran out of printed user manuals after ten years, and now offer all the documentation (as well as the software) on a CD-R disk. The package includes library file for downloading to the calculator, 130-page user manual and mylar keyboard overlay. Also included on the CD is a 19-page user-manual addendum plus some additional printed materials. The cost is $25.00, which includes shipping . (Sorry - I can't handle credit cards, but my bank will handle wire transfers - they charge me $10.00)

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