The Handheld and Portable Computer Club's (HPCC) Fifteenth Anniversary Conference
(held September 20-21st in London) is now available on video.
Eleven and a half hours of material includes lots of interesting presentations
including three from members of the Australian Calculator Operation of Hewlett-Packard.
Details of the conference is as follows:
  1. Opening Remarks by HPCC Chairman Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and Richard Nelson (originally of PPC/CHHU and now Educalc)

  2. Chris Wallin of HP Australia speaks on the new Australian Calculator Operation, taking over calculator development as of 1 November

  3. Richard Kirby of HP (soon head of European calculator office) speaks on calculator traditions, past and future

  4. Garry Heinze of HP Australia speaks on the future trends of calculator development at HP.

  5. "The HP320LX" by Graham Cawsey

  6. "The Logic Dart, A Different Kind of HP Handheld" by HP's Eric Vogel

  7. Comments on the PLDL-100 I/O box for the HP48 plus announcements (Richard Nelson)

  8. Basic Features of the HP48 Metakernel (Jake Schwartz) / Advanced Metakernel Features (Jean-Yves Avenard)

  9. "Skyline Functions" and Education using the HP38G - Joost van't Spijker

  10. Glimpse of the lunch/vendor area

  11. Richard Nelson speaks on clubs, calculators and more / Gerlof Donga of the PROMPT Netherlands group announces an HP handheld conference in the Netherlands to be held in September of 1999

  12. The Hewlett-Packard panel handles Q&A from the audience

  13. Glimpse of the conference dinner

  14. Eric Vogel's personal views on the recent evolution of the HP calculator division

  15. Wlodek - Sunday morning opening remarks

  16. "The ALG48 Math Library for the HP48" - Phillippe Roussel

  17. "A Personal View of the Future of Calculators" - Gerlof Donga

  18. "IC: The New HP-IL?" - Tony Duell

  19. "New Products for the HP38/48 from DaVinci Software" - Megha Shyam

  20. Harry Sauer (local HP rep) suggests a contest for user-clubs in designing the next calculator

  21. "The Right Job for the Right Tool?" - Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

  22. "The Dutch Calculator Museum and the HP35" - Marc Staps

  23. "Collecting Calculators" - Enrico Tedeschi

  24. "Integer Wordsize on the HP48: What's in a Name?" - Phillippe Roussel

  25. Announcemente/ Programming Contest Results / Door prizes

  26. "Logic Dart Power Management" - Eric Vogel

  27. Comments / Glimpse of the HP auction

  28. Closing remarks at the Sunday barbecue - Wlodek/Richard/Gerlof - conferences now and in the future

  29. 8-minute exerpt from "Personal FX" show showing Guy Ball's calculator collection


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