HHC '99: The HP Handheld Conference, August 20-21, 1999 in Vancouver, Washington:


Fifteen hours of material includes presentations by the Hewlett-Packard Australian Calculator Operation introducing the HP49G calculator

and presenting features, architecture and the Software Development Kit


1.     Introductions

2.     Jean-Yves Avenard presents the HP49G

3.     J-Y A discusses HP49G architecture versus HP48 series

4.     Jim Donnelly - "Building HP48/49 Libraries"

5.     Richard Nelson & Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz present One-Minute Marvels: HP48/49 Tips & Routines. Download a copy of the One-Minute Marvels paper from Eric Rechlin's website at http://www.hpcalc.org/docs/programming/1minmarv.zip in order to follow along with the discussion.

6.     Dan MacDonald speaks on LIF File transfer between PCs and HP-IL devices

7.     Brian Walsh - "Memory Management and Synchronization.

8.     Jake Schwartz - "The PPC CD ROM Set: An Update"

9.     Ted Kerber - "HP49 Fonts for Printing on the PC"

10.   Dennis York - "A Ruggedized Windows CE Handheld for Surveyors"

11.   Megha Shyam - Quality Assurance in Software / Desires in Hardware for High-End Graphing Calculators

12.   Vern Lindsay - The Firmware Systems' Portable Datalab data acquisition device for HP38/48/49

13.   Jeremy Smith - A "stream-of-consciousness" discussion on the development of handheld electronic devices

14.   Programming Contest Results

15.   HP Panel Discussion with ACO

16.   Conference Wrap-Up

17.   HP Developer Training: The HP49 Software Development Kit



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