Video From The 1997 Winter Consumer Electronics Show Now Available
January 9-12, 1997
Two and a half hours of video from Winter CES '97 includes:
Sony   DVD (Digital Video Disk) presentation, Digital Videotape (DV) products, DAT, Minidisc, Digital Still Camera, Digital Audio Recorder products
Hewlett-Packard   New Windows CE prototype palmtop, HP200LX
Hitachi   Windows CE unit, D-VHS VCRs, MPEG-1 digital still camera, plasma flat-panel displays
AI Tech   "AI Gotcha" video frame grabber
Casio   Cassiopeia HPC presentation
Philips   Flat-screen TV, Velo-1 HPC presentation
25-inch flat-panel plasma TV, Internet TV, VHS VCRs, Wide-screen notebook computers, Minidisc products, Viewcam camcorder 
products, Digital still cameras, 40-inch LCD panel, Zaurus ZR-3500X PDA
Pioneer   Flat-panel plasma display and CD/DVD/LD combination player
Panasonic   42-inch flat-panel plasma display, DVD home-theater presentation
JVC   New model palm-sized DV camcorder and accessories
Plus 170 narrated slide transfers of products from:
Sony Hewlett-Packard Texas Instruments Toshiba
Microsoft Zenith Vivitar Psion
Play Inc. Thompson/RCA Hitachi AI Tech
Sanyo Casio Philips Sharp
Lucky-Goldstar DSS/DirecTV General Instrument Mitsubishi
CIDCO Vtech Pioneer Motorola
Uniden Nokia JVC  
This two-hour, thirty-minute video is available on a single DVD for $10.00 including shipping
or on a single DVD disk for $10.00 including shipping. Send a check or Paypal ("")  to:


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