HP Handheld Users' Meeting and 1995 Winter CES Glimpses Video

The 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show and annual January HP users' meeting in Las Vegas was recorded on videotape. The meeting lasted approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes with glimpses and press conferences from the CES another 2 hours and 40 minutes (totalling roughly five and a half hours). At the meeting, Joseph Horn informally previewed HP48 Goodies Disk #10 and did some demos.

A copy of this video is available on 2 DVDs for $10.00 including postage or on a single DVD disk for $10.00 including postage.

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A summary of the video's contents follows:


HP Handheld Users' Meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 7, 1995

  1. Introductions by Richard Nelson
  2. Jake Schwartz talks about activities of the Philadelphia Area HP Handheld Club and HP48 programming classes
  3. Richard Nelson speaks on the Orange County, Calif. HP group
  4. Brian Walsh and Paul Hubbert talk about the Chicago CHIP group's activities
  5. Paul Hubbert talks about inkjet printers with respect to HP versus Epson quality
  6. Other HP user groups, college and othewise
  7. Small portable printers Citizen PN60 and Pentax Pocketjet
  8. HP48 "training" video is worthwhile viewing
  9. Next HP Conference August 5-6, 1995 in Minnesota sponsored by Craig Finseth
  10. Texas Instruments' TI80 graphing calculator to be released in Spring for middle-school students with a street price around 60-70 dollars
  11. HP12C/48G/48GX price reductions a Singapore Divison strategy to increase sales
  12. TI the dominant force in school calculators
  13. New TI prototype calc w/QWERTY keyboard seen at CES - for release in '96... Teaching community codesigning it.
  14. TI Calc Based Lab (CBL) plug-in product: how is it selling?
  15. School calculators: middle school represents a larger potential market than all others
  16. Casio CFX-9800G 3-color LCD graphing calc introduced at CES
  17. Richard Nelson finally in financial stability, new condo will house calc library and "museum"
  18. Handheld instrumentation may be revived within HP soon
  19. RCA DSS digital satellite system prominent at the CES
  20. Creative Labs' "Share Vision" PC/video over phone lines in a monitor window
  21. Joseph Horn briefly demos HP48 software:
    1. Flag browser (extremely fast)
    2. HP48 battery checker
    3. Jazz development software
    4. "GRBX" Message box builder which combines text with a GROB
    5. "->COD/COD->" turns objects into code objects
    6. The latest "Friday the 13th" program
    7. PCT ("PC Tools") Library
    8. Memory Viewer application
    9. "ED33/AV33" Editor/Viewer for objects in 33-column/small-font mode
    10. USAG disassembled using Jazz; Jazz editor, reassembly demonstrated
    11. Custom menu key turned into a clock display and time function
    12. "SPORT" port object search utility
    13. "PACK/UPK" Fast object packer/unpacker
    14. Self-extracting packed GROBs
    15. Grey-scale GROB viewer
    16. Graphic drawing/fill program
    17. "FATCAL" updated calendar program
    18. "LIBEX" library extractor
  22. Jake Schwartz demos OMNIBUS spreadsheet ROM card with three examples

Winter CES Glimpses:

  1. Las Vegas Convention Center outside and in
  2. Main Convention Center floor shots
  3. Panasonic:
    1. Newest GPS handheld receiver w/large LCD and PCMCIA slot
    2. NeoFile CF-CR100 business card reader/organizer handheld
    3. Personal Intelligent Communicator PDA
    4. Cinema Vision 16:9 NTSC television
  4. AT&T Video Information Center TV set-top interactive box demo
  5. Sharp:
    1. ViewCam camcorder with "viewcamport" still video modem
    2. PC8700 Color notebook computer w/16-bit audio
    3. ViewCam accessories
    4. Mini Disc Information poster and products
    5. 8.6-inch LCD displays
    6. Mobile GPS with CD-ROM maps
    7. 21-inch TFT color LCD display prototype
    8. Zaurus PDA presentation exerpt
  6. Casio:
    1. Digital Watch display
    2. JG-100D "Infraceptor" watch w/infra red-to-digital diary comms
    3. "Telememo" watch data bank
    4. CFX-9800G 3-color LCD calculator literature
  7. Casio press conference presenting:
    1. FP600 "MegaVision" video projector
    2. QV10 LCD digital still video camera
    3. LT70P Video Phone system
  8. Play Inc. "Snappy" Video Grabber high-res (up to 1500 by 1125) device > size="2" >demonstration
  9. Timex Data Link watch w/Microsoft PC software and optical communication
  10. More views from inside the Convention Center
  11. Intel presentation on Pentium processor applications
  12. Sony:
    1. Intro movie
    2. Magic Link PDA
    3. Digital cellular phone
    4. MD-Data portable minidisc-based computer drive (140 meg capacity)
    5. MD speech recorder
    6. NT-2 digital voice recorder and digital dubbing NT station
    7. MZ-E2 Minidisc portable player/recorder
    8. DAT tapes, TCD-D7 DAT player/recorder and SBM super bitmapping adapter
    9. GPS/CD-ROM car units
    10. Digital Video Cassette tape cartridges (2 sizes)
      1. Digital vs. analog screen demos
      2. Digital VCR prototype and picture
      3. DVC specifications and industry participant list
    11. Digital Video Disc (DVD) proposed format player prototype and presentation
    12. High-density multimedia CD and DVD specs
    13. Digital home control "touch-panel"
    14. Car Digital Signal Processing components
  13. Microsoft/Bill Gates presentation: The Executive Perspective on Microsoft Home: Introducing Microsoft "Bob" PC software (taken from the three-camera switched video feed provided in the room)
  14. Outside views of signs promoting upcoming CES events in 1995


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