1993 Las Vegas HP User's Meeting Video

On Saturday, January 9th, 1993, a meeting of HP users was held in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. The group consisted primarily of HP48 and HP95 users along with Richard Nelson from EduCalc and a brief visit by Dan White of Sparcom. Discussion ranged from handheld and palmtop issues to calculators in the classroom. Jake Schwartz also spoke about an upcoming software product for the HP48. The meeting lasted around three hours. This meeting was videotaped, along with approximately a half hour shot at the CES itself, showing glimpses of products from Sharp, HP, Casio, Panasonic, Motorola, IBM and others. There is a total of 3-1/2 hours of material and it is available on a single DVD for $10.00 including postage or a single . DVD disk for $10.00 including postage.


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1993 HP Handheld Users' Meeting - Las Vegas, Nevada - 1/9/93

  1. Introductions
  2. Pocket laser pointers are now inexpensive
  3. Comments on Consumer Electronics Show in general
  4. Joe Horn comments on the HP48 Goodies Disks
  5. Possibilities of new HP machines coming soon
  6. HP copyrighted software will be on Goodies Disk #8
  7. HP48 revision J ROM is out
  8. Need a committment for producing Macintosh Goodies Disks for the HP48
  9. HP Kittyhawk (1.3-inch) hard drive at the HP booth
  10. Flash memory disks for HP95 - more manufacturers coming
  11. Sharp PC3000/PC3100 palmtop has been discontinued with no replacement planned
  12. What's happened to Intel's PC board 386 palmtop?
  13. Rumors about HP95 successors
  14. Dan White of Sparcom speaks on Sparcom issues
  15. Sparcom products at the HP booth including the HP95 docking station
  16. Drive95 - new file system to handle large subdirectories
  17. Drive95 may not remain on the market forever
  18. New Sparcom HP48 products coming
  19. Sparcom will have products for any new HP48-type units that may appear in the near future
  20. New HP95 software announced
  21. Windows connectivity for 95, HP48 connectivity for 95 coming
  22. HP48 software for professional engineering exam badly needed
  23. Brief discussion of use of calculators in exams
  24. Sparcom will include ROM card copy-protection from this point forward
  25. A handful of cards for the HP48 will be revised in 1993, although the PIM card is not on the early list
  26. Apple Newton - still talking about a Summer '93 release. Casio/Tandy PDA was demonstrated at WCES
  27. Various consortiums ("strategic alliances") working on new devices now in the handheld world.
  28. Sparcom will intro "Quickmate" for the HP95 - a Quicken-compatible product
  29. Sharp Wizard 9600 contains 2 MB inside. It is considered a "pre-Newton" product, designed in the U.S. and produced in Japan
  30. The Sharp PC-E500 was discontinued a few months ago
  31. New EduCalc News Line started. Two categories of info with more coming.
  32. Fax-based dial-up system from HP had been very successful; EduCalc would like to do it as well.
  33. Rich Nelson and Joe Bell talk about Tom Hooper (long-time HP enthusiast)
  34. Henry Horn (former editor of HP Key Notes) says a few words
  35. Rich Nelson talks about the 16C and EduCalc selling 11C/15C/16C machines
  36. Jake Schwartz presents the 16C emulator library for the HP48
  37. Rich Nelson talks about approximately a dozen new products at EduCalc (48 and 95 related)
  38. Richard Nelson discusses the HP Palmtop Paper - highly recommended
  39. PCMCIA 1.0 and 2.0 standards and manufacturers
  40. What is the status of the next calc/palmtop conference that was tentatively scheduled to be in California in 1993?
  41. Lengthy talk about calculators in the classroom
  42. Potential HP "exam mode" coming in calculators to temporarily disable features
  43. Texas Instruments much farther along with their calcs in the classroom
  44. TI graphing calculators ... new TI-82 replaces the TI-81
  45. HP48S versus SX - applications and needs.... Card ports are a hedge against obsolescence
  46. Sparcom HP95 docking station - a convenience item which has found its niche
  47. Bill Wickes / Rick Grevelle / Sparcom
  48. HPIL card for the HP95 now done by Interloop
  49. HP48SX entry points: supposedly 12 points have been moved in Rev. J
  50. How will HP exam-mode work?
  51. "The problem is with the teachers" - (calcs in classroom)

Winter CES Glimpses (total of approximately 27 minutes)

  1. Overview of Las Vegas Convention Center
  2. HP booth - calculators, HP95, Sparcom products
  3. HP Kittyhawk 1.3-inch hard drive
  4. IBM cellular phone/PDA/PC device demo
  5. IBM 16-1/2 inch 1280 by 1024 TFT color LCD display
  6. Apple Newton under glass
  7. 3DO Corp. CD-ROM interactive video/graphics hardware and software products
  8. Toshiba pen-based portable machine
  9. Casio/Tandy Zoomer Personal Information Processor press conference glimpse (camcorder battery went dead after 3-4 minutes)
  10. CES main floor
  11. Sharp "ViewCam" camcorder with 4-inch color LCD for a viewfinder
  12. Sharp OZ9600 touch-screen Wizard
  13. Sharp 4-inch portable Crystaltron LCD TV
  14. Sharp DCC (digital compact cassette) tabletop player
  15. Sharp MiniDisc portable players
  16. Sharp WideVision 16:9 wide aspect ration NTSC TV
  17. Motorola fancy color cordless and cellular phones
  18. AIWA MiniDisc and DAT portable units
  19. Casio BoardCopy - digital camera/printer device
  20. Sanyo portable MiniDisc player
  21. Panasonic CPA - a palmtop check printer and electronic accountant
  22. Panasonic Interactive Multiplayer utilizing the 3DO technology
  23. Virtual Vision product - personal projection TV in eyeglasses
  24. RCA CinemaScreen 16:9 NTSC TV products
  25. Casio TV camera-based "Visual Data Bank" for BOSS SF-R20 product
  26. Casio BOSS ROM card development system
  27. Casio BOSS comm card/cradle
  28. Motorola multimedia product for CD-I drives providing full-motion video on a CD ROM disk

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