1995 Minnesota HP Handheld User's Conference Video

The HP Handheld Users' Conference at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota was held on 8/5 to 8/6/95 and was a great success. The entire two-day affair, including presentations from over twenty individuals was videotaped and copies are available on 5 DVDs for $15.00 including shipping or on a single DVD disk for $10.00 including shipping.

Please send a check or Paypal ("jakes@pahhc.org")to:

Jake Schwartz
135 Saxby Terrace
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-4606 USA

856-751-1310 home (M-F > 6:30 PM and any time on weekends)

A summary of the video's contents follows:

  1. Friday evening (8/4) glimpses of the informal gathering @ Mall of America
  2. Saturday morning conference introductions, etc.
  3. Kheng Joo Khaw (HP Singapore) discusses what's happening with HP handhelds and palmtops
  4. David Shier: "The Laptop in Your Pocket"
  5. Diana Byrne (HP Corvallis): "Telecommuting Thousands of Miles on the Internet" (HP38G development)
  6. Andris Lauris (IBM): Mass Storage Design Notes
  7. Paul Hubbert: Battery and Ink Alternatives
  8. Joseph Horn: Introducing Goodies Disk #10 and the HP48 Hacker's ROM Card
  9. Don Johansen: Card Basic Design Notes
  10. Michael Dombroski: "A One-Hand Keyboard for Palmtop Computers"
  11. Ron Johnson: "Why I Lost My Enthusiasm for HP Calculators"
  12. Vern Lindsay (Firmware Co.): "FSI and the Rise of the Classroom Display"
  13. Bruce Bruemmer (Babbage Institute): "Preserving the History of Computing and Calculating"
  14. Mike Sharp: "Time Management on HP Palmtops"
  15. Feng Yuan (HP Sigapore): "Progress in Pascal Compiler for HP48/38 Calculators"
  16. Jim Donnelly (HP Corvallis): HP38 Miscellaneous comments and demos
  17. Eric Smith: "Simulating HP Processors"
  18. Jim Donnelly: "Focused Exploration With HP38G Aplets"
  19. Jeremy Smith: "That Would Be Cool" (Looking toward the handheld future)
  20. Views of the Conference Calculator "Wall of Fame"
  21. Dale Curtis: "Palmtops at the Harvard Medical School"
  22. Brian Walsh: "HP48 Solvers and Applications"
  23. Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz: "We're All Collectors Now"
  24. Rob Haack: "Object-Oriented Business Design"
  25. Joe Powell (HP San Diego): "Tracking Computer Satisfaction Issues"
  26. Kent Peterson: Simplicity, "Software and Shareware"
  27. Ed Keefe: "Programming: The Next Generation; Visual, OOP"
  28. An HP Panel Fields Questions from the Audience (2 hours)
  29. Annoucements
  30. Jake Schwartz: "The Vertical-Format Handheld User Interface"
  31. Door prize distribution and best speaker/paper awards
  32. Group discussion: Next conference - where, when, etc. (tentatively: Los Angeles in Summer 1996; London in 1997)
  33. Closing remarks

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