Anaheim HHC 96 HP Handheld/Palmtop Conference Video Available

The HHC Conference, held at the Anaheim Mariott on August 24-25, 1996 was videotaped and copies are now available. The entire two-day affair, including twenty-four presentations totalling 17 hours and 20 minutes is available on 5 DVDs for $15.00 including shipping or on a single DVD disk for $10.00 including shipping.

Please send a check or Paypal ("") to:

     Jake Schwartz
     135 Saxby Terrace
     Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-4606 USA

     856-751-1310 home (M-F > 6:30 PM and any time on weekends)

A summary of the video's contents follows:


0. Opening Remarks
1. Keynote Speaker: Kheng-Joo Khaw, R&D Gen. Mgr., HP Singapore
2. A Contrast Study of RPL, SRPL and Machine Code - Joseph K. Horn
3. PC Connectivity and the OmniGo 100  - Mary Long, GeoWorks
4. Writing for Users and Writing for Collectors - Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz
5. Occam (tm) Road Map to DOS PC Lawrence J. Dickson, PhD
6. A New Classroom Data Logger - Vern Lindsay
7. Palmtop Electronic Mail - Mark scardina, ACE Technologies, Inc.
8. An Overview of the HP48 Meta Kernel: An Alternate User Interface - Jake
9. Palmtops and Internet - Avi Meshar, D&A Software Inc.
10. Use of the Palmtop in Amateur Radio Communication - T Stein, G La Borde and
    A. Zygielbaum
11. PAL - the Palmtop Application Library  - Gilles Kohl
12. Programmer/End-User Interfacing - How Easy Are Your Programs to Use? -
    Ted J. Kerber, D'Zign
13. The Future of Palmtop Memory - Jeff Molson, IBM Canada
14. The Care and Feeding of Palmtop User Groups - Conrad Cox, S.P.A.M.
15. An Expanded Memory Manager for 5MB Palmtops -  David Erbas-White
16. Using Nulls on the HP 48 - Richard Nelson, EduCalc
17. Why Do People Love Their HP Palmtop PC? - Hal Goldstein, Thaddeus Publishing
18. HP 48 String Utilities  - Brian Walsh
19. Wireless Communications -  David Shier, Shier Systems & Software
20. A Consumer's Perspective of the HP Palmtop -  Carl Merkle
21. The Data Egg - Fullfilling the Promise of Portable Computing -
    Gary L. Friedman
22. PCMCIA Memory Cards - Chuck Willette, Sandisk
23. Reusable Components for Rapid Application Development - D.G. Johansen
24. Panel Discussion With  Kheng-Joo Khaw (HP), Hal Goldstein (Thaddeus) and
    Dennis Coffin (Grapevine)
25. Door Prize Awards
26. Closing remarks:
       HHC '97 in S.F. Bay area in May 97
       British HPCC Club conference in September 97
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