Hewlett Packard and Handheld/Palmtop Links

The Museum of HP Calculators
HP Press Release - Table of Contents
Hewlett-Packard: Handheld Devices

HPCalc.org - With 1000's of programs, files, etc. for HP28/38/48/49
Jim Donnelly's Page
Joseph Horn's HP48 Goodies Page
Eric Smith's HP Calc Page
HP48 Head Quarters
HP48 page by Mika Heiskanen
comp.sys.hp48 HyperFAQ
Alex Ramos' HP48 C Cross-Compiler
Nigel's PDA, Palmtop and HPC Page
HP48 Software Page
IRC #HP48 Channel Homepage
Jack Levy's HP48 Page
The Win48 Official Homepage
Wholesale Products
HPShell V3.0 - HP48
The HP 48 Unofficial Homepage
The International Association of Calculator Collectors
Guide to the Saturn Processor
Gene Wright's Older HP Calculator Resource Page
HP Calculator Classified Ads

Hewlett-Packard Journal
OmniGo 100 Information
Ronald D. Pike's HP OmniGo 100 Page
The OmniGo 700
ACE Technologies Home Page
Hewlett-Packard Notebook PCs
Thaddeus Computing (HP Palmtop Paper)
The PDA Page (Best PDA prices)

TI Calculator Home Page
TI Calculator News Releases
TI Graphing Calculators

Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS)
The Handheld and Portable Computer Club (UK)

Chicago CHIP HP Group

mobilis: the mobile computing lifestyle magazine
Consumer Electronics Show NEWS
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