Obtaining a copy of HPCC's RCL40 Book for purchasers with a USA postal mailing address:





The HPCC group has made available copies of "RCL40" at a discount for U.S. buyers.
The original price advertised on the HPCC website (at http://www.hpcc.org/rcl40/index.html ), under
"RCL40 Only" / "World zone 3" is 34.80, which converts roughly to U.S. $43.15. Based on their bulk shipping, the reduced
cost per book including individual domestic Media Mail, works out to GBP 24.70, (or roughly U.S. $30.63) per book.  

In order to obtain one, I need your help making the transaction work. Please follow all these steps:

(1a) Email me directly (to
"jakes@pahhc.org"), indicating that you wish to obtain a book,

        including your name and full postal mailing address.

(1b) I will email you back to indicate whether you ordered early enough to obtain a copy from stock.

(2) After you receive my email reply, please follow HPCC's posted instructions on their web page:

    "please use PayPal and send payment in GB/UK pounds to treasurer@hpcc.org"

     Consider that Paypal will "take their cut" out of this payment, so perhaps add at least one additional
     British pound (making it 25.70) to compensate.

(3) Email me directly again after you have used Paypal to send funds to HPCC, to let me know you have paid them for your book,
     after which I will ship a book to you.

NOTE #1 - HPCC chairman Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz provided instructions regarding those U.S. people
who prefer not to use Paypal as follows:

    If you do not wish to pay by PayPal, we can have Jake send copies to you directly and for you to pay by personal check.

    You could mail checks (in U.S. currency) to me (Wlodek), made out in my name, that I would deposit in my US$ bank account,

    and then transfer the money myself to the HPCC PayPal account.

Mail checks to:

    Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

    40 Heathfield Road

    London W3 8EJ

    United Kingdom

Please add a note with the check indicating that it is for the purchase of a RCL40 book.

***** Please email me (Jake at jakes@pahhc.org) when you have mailed your check to Wlodek so I can keep track in my records.

NOTE #2 - If you have any questions, feel free to email me (Jake)

NOTE #3 - If these go quickly and there is still demand, I'll ask the HPCC folks about sending additional batches of books.

Thank your for your cooperation,

Jake Schwartz

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